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In addition to our certified Labradors we are proud to offer Miniature Labradors as well! Miniature Labs possess many of the favorable traits that regular Labrador retrievers do. They are strongly built, broad in the skull and chest, broad in the hindquarters, and very active. Like regular labs they are agile, good tempered, devoted companions and overall people pleasers since they are kind and non-aggressive by nature.

Miniature Labradors can be one of three different colors: black, yellow, or chocolate brown just as in regular Labradors. However they typically weigh between forty and fifty pounds growing to usually sixteen to nineteen inches tall at the shoulder. As we do with our full size Labs, these dogs are sold fully AKC Certified.

Here is a special reference letter from one our customers. A big thanks to Tracy Landis of "Ultimate Working Dogs" for writing and letting us know how we aren't just biased when we say our dogs are the best!



$200.00 deposit required to reserve a puppy. Check our pricing page for more details.

Chips Labs in Tazewell, Virginia has been raising full blooded Labradors in Southwest Virginia for over fifteen years.  Puppies are available approximately two to three times a year once they are at least seven weeks old per Virginia regulations.  Here on our site you will find photos and pedigree information of each of our breeding dogs plus photos of previous puppies.  We offer Chocolate, Black, White and Yellow-White Labradors trained or untrained all raised in a loving home environment.

Trained dogs are "kennel trained" meaning they will not soil the area in which they sleep and are also trained for obedience and are house broken. Special training can also be provided for handicap assistance and just about any other task so contact us regarding any special needs that you may have.

A non-refundable deposit is required when you order and AKC registration papers are held until complete payment is verified by the bank.  In the event unforeseen circumstances such as illness, death, etc. delay you from taking ownership we will hold the puppy in your name for several days.  Rest assured we will work with you as much as possible to ensure a smooth transaction as you expand your family with a new Chips Lab!


Delivery Available

We will deliver your puppy for the nominal fee of $25.00 / 50 miles if you reside in an accessible area near a major interstate or highway. Ask for details regarding this service when you call to order.

* Deposit required in advance for both the puppy and the delivery service.


If you would like to view the available puppies or our dogs we are located in Tazewell, Virginia. The phone number is (276) 988-5725 or send us an e-mail to info@chipslabs.com.

Due to rising health concerns in the breeding community visitation is by appointment only and you must provide us with the details of the puppy you wish to see such as color, sex and temperament ahead of time so we can prepare suitable candidates and the special viewing area. We also ask that you wear clean shoes that have not been near other animals or a farming environment for several days.

Meet Jackson...
Jackson is the son of Bear and Angle and is a member of the West Virginia State Police K-9 Corps D.E.A. Here he was holding attention at his trainers command when he was jus a pup. His focus and ability to follow commands at such a young age was above average according to his handler.

July 2010.....

Earlier this year (2010) Jackson seized $50,000 in cash after recovering drugs from a car. He also placed second out of twenty-four K-9 teams in a competition. Most of the other dogs came from a large training facility in Indiana but the Butler County Sheriffs Department came to Chips Labs instead and got a great dog!! The Sheriff loves Jackson and told his handler to hurry up on getting the badge because he thought a "good looking dog like that deserved a really nice badge".

We are very proud of Jackson and all of our dogs!

This is Tank...

Those of you that visit the site regularly may recognize the name "Tuff" as he was formerly known by. Above he is pictured with his partner. Together they patrol a regional prison for drugs and tobacco products. Tank taught his handler a valuable lesson shortly after they started working together. On his first day he tried to check a utility room but his human partner refused. On the second day he tried once again so finally the handler followed him and after a brief investigation found a secret stash of two bags of tobacco and a lighter.  So his handler now knows to TRUST his K-9 partner! The photo below is from January 2010 while 3 months old as he learned narcotics on his first day of training for the D.E.A. Tank is the son of Angle and Brutis and an outstanding member of our line of dogs!


May 22, 2011 - Canine has a nose for cell phones  (Middletown Journal)

"HAMILTON — Police dogs have long been trained to sniff out bombs, drugs, and humans, but Tank, who works in the Butler County Jail, has a nose for cellphones.

The 18-month-old chocolate Labrador retriever comes to work with his partner Corrections Officer Chris Morris and is key in keeping the jail and visitation rooms free of contraband.

Tank is trained to find not only cellphones, but tobacco and drugs that may be stashed under mattresses or between chair cushions during visitation."

(Rread Full Article)


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"Hillbilly" the deer as pictured above is Snowballs lifelong friend and continues to visit proving friends are friends forever no matter how they look on the outside!!


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